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Client Testimonials

"Rina is an attentive and empathetic executive coach. I worked with her during a job search. Initially, I envisioned needing her help in interview preparation only. However, in working together, she helped me talk through what I was truly seeking from my career and how I could direct my focus to attain it. Working with her one-on-one increased my confidence since I knew she was cheering for me on the sidelines. I highly recommend her as a coach for anyone who is seeking guidance and support in an aspect of their professional life. "

~Senior Manager, Product Marketing


"Thanks to Rina, I see many things differently, globally and strategically. This is the best experience I have ever had for my personal development." 

~ Financial Service Executive 

"I love working with Rina. As my coach, she is helping me realize that coaching is not designed to "fix" me as a human being because I am already a fully formed, perfect human being. I've never thought about it that way, but it was enlightening to hear that phrase and think about coaching in that manner. My coaching with Rina has all been career-changing and even life-changing." 

~ Senior Director,  Business Consulting 

​"Rina, I have gotten so much value out of our two sessions together. I really appreciate your support and how you hold the mirror up to me, which is helping me grow." 

~ Coaching Client 

"Rina elevated our organization's sales training and coaching to a new level, leading to improved performance through many measures. Her pragmatic and consistent approach to leveling up skills, shifting behaviors, and mindsets made all the difference." 

~ Global Sales Leader, Wealth Management

"You have listened to me so many times, always with complete support, understanding, empathy, and the absence of any judgment. You have helped me in many ways. Thank you!"

~ Chief Administrative Officer, Financial Services

"Rina is brilliant!! She is helping me hone and refine things, and she is doing so amazingly."

~ Coaching Client 


"I appreciate you being realistic with me. While I do not control most things, I do control my reactions to things."

~ CTO, Fintech

“Rina is a phenomenal coach on so many levels. She has perfected the art of balancing empathy with the challenge. She meets her clients exactly where they are and provides such a safe space to share vulnerability. Through her active listening, she’s able to quickly identify her unique talents and build a realistic framework of growth. Her human sense, experience, and education make her one of the best!”

~ VP of People, Technology 

"Super helpful speaking to Rina and her gently nudging me towards my goals in a way that doesn't feel forceful but also feels like the ocean's current."​

~ Coaching Client 

"Very productive and impactful time spent that I can already feel the benefits of. Your sincerity and authenticity in wanting to get to know me, as well as your ability to understand me and provide relevant and individualized coaching, were very notable and appreciated." 

~ Senior Executive, Investment Management 

"Rina has really helped me look inward and think about why I am feeling and thinking the things I am. This will help me move forward and achieve what I want in life."

~ Marketing and Branding Leader, Manufacturing

"Working with Rina has helped me identify blind spots in my communication skills that required me to work on my empathy and listening skills."

~ Coaching Client

"I continue to gain valuable insights from my coaching sessions. Rina pushes me to think outside my comfort zone, and she helps me think through important issues and set development milestones. I am so grateful for Rina's thoughtful approach and her keen ability to get me to think and articulate things that I have never done before." 

~ Sales Executive, Technology 

"She recalls what I've said even when I don't recall it; she gives me courage when I don't recognize that I am courageous; she makes me feel like I can accomplish much more." 

~ Coaching Client 

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